The Traditional Germany (Somewhere in May ’16)



Germany is a country of traditions. Everyone says that about England but in England a tradition is having your tea with milk, in Germany it’s stitching that goes through the very fabric of their society!

Story One.


When a man turns 30 and he is single there is s challenge he needs to go through before (after, while…) drinking commences. Being 30 and single does not exactly add you “points” and is seen as if you’ve not done a good job in your life. So, to demonstrate that, you are made to sweep. You’re sweeping beer bottle caps off the cathedral’s stairs while kids throw them back at you, this demonstrates the un-usefulness of your existence.

This may be seen as rather harsh but hey, it could not be closer to the truth! I wish I celebrated my 30th in Germany!

How about that, Britain? Show me something apart from the Queen’s guards parade!

Story Two

When a child is born, while parents are having the moment of their lifetime in a hospital the relatives a busy telling their neighbours the news and what a way to tell everyone it is!


They are loaded with a massive loaf of bread on a plant of wood which in my mind requires at least two adults to carry it. The bead is called “Kilmerstuten” ( and if I understood the locals right, the whole ritual is called that too. The child’s name is en-scripted on the bread. The relatives are also loaded with schnapps and little shot glasses hung on lanyards over their necks.


The drill is that this whole procession knocks on a door and asks whoever opens to them “Have you had a child born just now?” and the people would say “no” and then the procession says “Okay, so have a schnapps with us” and everyone has a shot after which the procession moves on having spread the news an extra mile.

They also sing traditional songs in wishing luck and health to the new child, the songs are very old and I really like them.


Needles to say that everyone was incredibly drunk but happy and cheerful! And they absolutely made my day!

Your move Britain!




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