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Reaching the Corporate Gravity Escape Velocity

While I was climbing the “666” something flicked in my mind and I was enlightened with an understanding of what made me so unhappy in London and its Corporate culture. For years I was made to feel that “the better is ahead of us”, that I need to endure the struggle for perfection and Corporate excellence before I’d be allowed a yet another piece of food from the Corporate feeder but most importantly – it’s being able to connect with people that the Corporate culture is so good in moderating.

A Ticket to Personal Fulfilment

No one is made to work in an office environment – office space is a modern form of slavery, it completes the matrix where people are bound to perform mandatory labour through the very structure of the society they live in. Through student loans, mortgages, educational system itself, useless and pointless laws and “trends” they are all slotted in their office chairs.


A trip like the one I took was essential for me to realise that. It’s not like I did not know how the world works before but sometimes you need to take an obvious step to give yourself that boost of confidence that your understanding of this world is correct. It’s a little like going for an evening run to think over a deal or a major decision in life such as like buying a house – you know that you know the answer but to make that decision you just need that run.

This trip has brought me to Lofoten, a place where I am independent, where I don’t owe anything to anyone and no one owes anything to me.



For years I was in a job earning good money but I knew 100% that I was destined for more, I knew I was more qualified than anyone around me, I knew what I lacked among what the job had to offer and as a solution of that I saw change of the job – it looked logical to me, sure thing, I graduated from two major universities to know that!

But I was wrong. The solution to getting recognition and taking what is yours is not in getting another job – another job will be just like the one you left, most likely. The solution to being unsatisfied in you workplace for years is leaving the industry. I needed to destroy the boundaries that the system imposed on me because once you’re in a matrix you will never be strong enough to leave it.

The system knows where you “belong” and won’t let you challenge that for the sake of its own integrity. Who are you? A corporate VP… no you can’t go and do that job (… “yet”) because it’s what DIRs do, and the system does not care whether you won’t wait for 6 years to do what you want and can do today.

The solution to all that is… Lofoten. I am standing at the 666m height and I no longer belong to the system. I don’t have a loan, all my belongings are the car, the cash, the clothes that I wear and the freedom – endless freedom to stand here and watch the beautiful and FREE world beneath my feet.


It is FREE because I don’t need to pay for the mountain and anything I need to pay for does not require me being a slave to the system. Believe me, the world is a source of infinite finance, you can do so much more than what the system lead you to believe.

Just think about it, imagine you’re a senior VP in a bank and to do something you want to do the bank would expect you to do a 2-year course of something like a CFA or an MBA to become a Director… at some point just to be able to face a client…really?

Let me tell you one thing, here in the mountains I realised that to talk to a “client” all you need is to come and talk to that guy. That’s all. You don’t need to be a VP or an MD… or work for a corporation what so ever. And if what I am saying is true then the whole system is wrong. At least in the real world.

(Serge Fog, ~18 Aug 2016)


Finding Your Inner Self – The Beginning

“Our Generation has had no Great war, no Great Depression. Our war is spiritual. Our depression is our lives.”

                                      ― Chuck Palahniuk


We certainly are living in very special times. The western world had endured exceptionally quiet time of economic and political stability ever since the last shot was fired in the World War 2. This lead to existence of generations of truly creative and talented people who did not have to fight for their very existence, nor did they have to work anywhere near as hard as their ancestors to ensure that both themselves and their families had food on the table. But with time this also gave us tremendous struggles and made many doubt the purpose of their existence and the role in the wider society.

Continuous economic growth freed up space for great developments on the fronts of equality and fair treatment, allowed us to focus our efforts on scientific research and social well-being. We are arguably the healthiest generation that ever lived on the Planet Earth and yet, those in the  millennial generation may not feel like this is the case. Of course, we have everything we need to sustain our daily lives and yet something seems to be missing, a key to self-fulfilment. Something is happening in the society and it makes us feel les happy and fulfilled than our parents.

More and more often young, people feel the need to go out there and prove themselves as proud sons and daughters of their nation but there are few ways they can do it today. We no longer praise and cherish explorers, warriors, doctors and nurses working in remote parts of the planet. The western empire although had not yet shrunk but expanded and homogenised so much of the world that compliance, control and predictability of people has become the new equivalent of the brave and fearless. More and more actions that would previously be socially praised as part of an individual’s development are now seen as dangerous and even unacceptable. The new world presents challenges that undermine the structure of relationships and with that, the ability of men and women to comfortably find their places in relation to each other. In other words – the world has become complex… very complex! And it’s only going to get more sophisticated.

The importance of individual’s actions is also being downplayed as we, as a society, left for the world of big numbers where Corporations employ tens of thousands of people and where the role of every single one of them is diminished with each new hire.

At the level of countries we no longer praise heroes because we have few and because we don’t need them. We routinely save lives and if anything, greater contributors to public safety these days are antibiotics, heart-disease drugs and speed limits on our roads. If you happen to have been born in today’s Europe and you feel that you were meant for something greater than the daily routine of a 9 to 5 job and a four week holiday plan, you’re in trouble. But don’t despair because you are not alone. There are tens of millions of people who are experiencing exactly the same frustration.

Dealing with this frustration may mean the difference between a happy living and a failure, finding your inner self is a journey that has many paths and is arguably the most important achievement for an individual in the beginning of one’s adult and independent life. It will determine the quality of your life and with it everything from the success of your career to how happy you will feel with the partner of your choice. A lot of attention has been diverted towards setting life goals and milestones and this is something everyone will one day find out how to but most importantly is knowing when you’ve found yourself, this will open the doors to your personal development and will allow you to, one day, feel that you’ve accomplished what you were born for.

But it won’t happen while you’re reading books on personal success in your office or while watching new series of a favourite drama. Success does come to those who can wait but it does not come to those who don’t make a move in order to meet it. So to find yourself you need to do one thing – get up and go looking!

These pages will tell you the importance of an open travel in an individual’s life, a travel you must accomplish in order to better understand yourself and people around you, the travel that one day will make you feel that your life has not just flashed before your eyes.

Follow me on this trip and see for yourself that in order to get to a better place you need to become a better person and there is no better way of doing that than sacrificing the comfort of your office chair and the convenience of monthly wage payments into your account for a life of exciting uncertainty which is although not easy, is full of surprises, events and encounters with people and nature that will leave you with memories to last you a lifetime!

Welcome to the great escape of a corporate man!